Born: 17-04-94                L.O.I. RC148745 
                           Stocdale Absolutely Able  
                Stocdale Make Dream Ch. Port.   
                           Pandakan Qba Qba
Sire: Stocdale Artistic Attitude  
                           Lynwater Lewis of Quasar 
                Lulu's Back in Town From Duntarvie 
                           Thanatol Blue Mist

                           Yarden Bellringer 
                Lynwater Rustic Bell  
                           Lynwater Littel Maid
Dam: Lynwater Mirage Ch. Port. 
                           Lynwater Lewis Of Cuasar  
                Lynwater Aste 
                           Masel of Lynwater subject Spiga



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last update 03-06-98