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BOB e BOG a Birminghan

G1 Int. Ch/It XtraordinarioXia di Cambiano, unusual in these days I put Up an Italian-bred Rough Collie Dog, handled by his proud breeder, on old friend of mine, I couldn't miss. Not because of the great friendship but the outstanding beauty of the fawn Collie I had judge & seen for the very first time. Masculine head, flat skull, small black eyes, correct muzzle shape, strong underjaw & black nose, in full coat, correct balance in body, trememndous bone, correct outline, very correct long tail that could easily reach the hock joint. Well dane Marei Teresa Garabelli. PAOLO DONDINA - Group Judge

C O N G R A T U L A Z I O N I ! ! ! ! ! dalla redazione
all'orgoglioso proprietario Gianpaolo FALLETTO


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