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World Lhasa Apso Congress 2000

Dear friends/Queridos amigos:
We want to remember you the next World Lhasa Apso Congress organized in Belgium the 16th of September, with conferences about PRA by Mr/Mrs. Sten & Ingela Löfgren (ILAC) and a veterinary Opthalmologist Dr. Gerlinde Janssen, health problems and first of all about the different standards of the Lhasa Apso in the world to try to unify in only one and also to arrive to important conclusions about the different type and styles created for this breed in the world, with a conference by Mrs. Monique Stöcklin-Pobé from Switzerland, important breeder and president of honour of the Belgian Tibetan Breedclub. She owns Lhasa Apsos during 50 years and all the participants in the Congress could bring their dogs to ask her about the differences in type, coat, movement, structure, character, etc....with the original first Tibetan imports.
Important discussions about the standard recognized by the FCI with invited members of this organization.
Exchange of information with the participants.
Propositions for the next Congress in 2002.
If you want more information about it, or some suggestions or propositions, please contact us, answering this e-mail or directly Mrs. Cecilia Mittemeijer-Ver Berne, President of the Belgian Tibetan Breedclub, (attached information) to ask for the complete program and dog show programmed during the Congress. .
Dutch, French, German or English will be accepted.
We will send you information about Hotels, prices, etc. as soon as possible if you are interested.
Thanks in advance

More information in:
Mrs. Cecilia Mittemeijer - Ver Berne
Pierre van Gehuchtenstraat 1
2030 Antwerp
Phone/Fax: +32-3-542-1537

To obtain an entry form and information about hotels, you can also email:
Monique van Boxtel,
Sten and Ingela Löfgren,
Patty Duque,

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