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Il nostro è un allevamento amatoriale che da oltre un decennio si dedica alla selezione esclusiva del         

I cani prodotti da noi sono il nostro miglior biglietto da visita: più di 12 anni di successi in Italia e all'estero

TOP DOG 1991-1992-1994-1995-1996-1997-1999-2000

Our Kennel is exclusively devoted to the selection of  GREAT PYRENEAN MOUNTAIN DOGS
Our dogs are are our best visiting-cards.  More than 15 years of success, in Italy and Foreign Countries

  La nostra storia 

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  Lungomonte's Kennel History 

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nato / born 02-01-95
(Multi Ch. Hisard du Comtè de Foix x Multi Ch. Ariège)


Ch. Mondiale Giovani '96
Young World Dog Ch. '96
Ch. Internazionale
Int. Champion
5 volte 1° ECC Cl. Giovani
5 times 1st exc. Young Class

Ch. Monegasco
Montecarlo Ch.
Ch. A.C.P.
(Club Italiano Cani Pirenei)
Club Champion
Ch. Europeo '99
European Ch. 99
Italian Champion
Res. World Dog Show
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15 CAC 8 R. CAC
17 BOB 1 BIS

6 volte nei primi 3 del II° raggruppamento
6 times awareds on Gr. 2

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Italiana, grazie

Our current residence "La Pietraia" was originally an old house built in 1724 in the "Valgraziosa" at the foothills of the Monte Pisano, near the ancient medieval village of Calci. A considerable amount of construction and restoration was necessary to create the original structure of the farmhouse. The town of the Calci is well known for its very fine olive oil, its evocative panorama and the "Certosa abbey" built in 1366 and now residence of the National Museum of Natural History. We are surrounded by greenery and olive trees between mountains and the sea (only 25 Krn far) and we are located in one of the loveliest areas of Tuscany and only 9 Km from the leaning tower of Pisa.
Our first Great Pyrenean Dog (1987) was Theodore della Contea, who was a trusting guard dog and good company for our daughters that at the time were little girls.
As time went by, we became more attached to this breed and in 1989 we increased the family with the male Zaffiro del Gallo Nero and the female Fanny di Val d'Ayas.  We certainly could not imagine that this experience would have brought us to new horizons of pleasures and satisfaction throught the years. In 1991 Fanny and Zaffiro gave us our first litter. Our Zaffiro was powerful (81 cm. Withers) but still mantained a perfect gait and the elegance of movements of a real Great Pyrenean Dog. At 17 months of age he was awarded the title of G.P.E. (the 1st Italian male of this breed to obtain this title) and a month later he attained the prestigious award of Vice European Champion. At 28 months he   became International Champion, at 30 months Italian Champion and at 34 months Principato di Monaco Champion: a truly glorious
and unheard career for this breed in Italy. From his first litter of nine, we retained three females which lately became outstanding multi-Champions. On September 1992, our Zaffiro, barely over 40 months old died suddendly in consequence of an acute peritonitis. He left four litters with four different females. Of the offsprings that he sired, all have received the qualification of "Excellent" and five of them have became Multi-Champion. Zaffiro, after death, was awarded the title of Reproducing Champion. The loss of our belonged dog was so traumatic that we considered discountinuing our activities as breeders. In time, the realization of the potential of three Zaffiro's daughters, Ainee, Ariege and Azy besides the still deep love for our lost dog, gave us the impetus to once again start the rings. The discendents of Zaffiro and Fanny have now reaced the fifth generation and their bloodline can still be found in many promising young italian Great Pyrenean Dogs and abroad. The above mentioned dogs crossed with the French bloodline of the Multi-Champion Hisard du Comte de Foix (born in 1992) that arrived puppy in Italy and of the Multi Champion Gabre du Comtè de Foix (born in 1991) imported by our kennel as a puppy from one of the most prestigious and awarded French kennel, started our bloodline named "Di Lungomonte". These splendid dogs, elegant and of high distinction, calm, never invasive, thoughtful but never totally submissive to anybody, are strong, proud and courageus. They admire and respect the people who treat as one's equal. Being close to them is a daily joy. We are proud and very attached to them.
Only those who show the same qualification that we have for our splendid breed, would be allowed to obtain one of our precious puppies.

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di Prof. Giovanni Cardini e Roberta Lazzeri
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