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3-5 October

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8389 1°Exc Chancjs-Gru My Light My Fire CAC Best Young  
                                                  3rd YBOG  
Minne E.
8388 3°Exc Chancjs-Gru Dragster   Trettel Damiana
8416 1°Exc Wonder's Takin It n Stride Zaro Gabriella
8424 1°Exc Dynamite Just For The Fun Of It CAC CACIB BOB
Trettel Damiana
8440 2°Exc Black Musk Joyfulllove Vago Ambrogio
8452 3°Exc Chancjs-Gru N.A.S.A. Pocza Erno
8469 2°Exc Tea Barbieri Michela
8459 3°Exc Chancjs-Gru Elementofstyle Trettel Damiana
8472 3°Exc Chancjs-Gru Blackpoint Trettel Damiana










Dynamite Just For The Fun Of It 

Chancjs-Gru My Light My Fire 

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