Eden, Bell Ringer Dalmatians


With the re-release of 101 Dalmatians, a whole new generation will be charmed by the antics of Disney's spotted creations. Pongo, Perdita and family certainly present an appealing image, but parents beware, you may leave the theater with children begging for a spotted puppy of their own.

Dalmatians have experienced a sharp rise in popularity over the past few years. Their bold markings and sleek appearance, combined with the personalities portrayed by their on-screen counterparts, have put them in the public's eye in a big way.

Unfortunately, popularity often spells disaster for a breed. When a specific breed of dog becomes fashionable, the number of dogs bred increases as people try to capitalize on the new demand. Often commercial breeders - those who breed strictly for profit - take advantage of popularity and just breed for quantity, not quality. Often, no thought is given to the bloodlines, health or temperament of the animals.

Another problem with the rise in popularity of the breed is the growing number of uneducated owners. As with any breed, Dalmatians have specific personality traits and care requirements. Not the right type of dog for everyone, following are a few facts you should consider before bringing a Dalmatian into your home:

In the right environment Dals are wonderful, intelligent, loyal companions that make great family dogs. As with any dog, however, Dals don't just turn into great companions on their own. It takes time, commitment and patience on the part of the owner to raise a dog of any breed properly.

If you are considering purchasing a Dalmatian there are several steps you can take to be sure you're getting the right dog from the best possible source. Don't make a snap decision and buy the first puppy you see - do your homework!

Dalmatian breed rescue groups constantly see the results of uninformed owners and irresponsible breeders. They have seen everything from abandoned and abused adult Dals, to unruly six to 18 month old puppies. They've had call after call from owners who ended up with more dog than they were ready to handle. So before you buy a Dal, consider if your lifestyle and preferences can provide a compatible home for one.

Created 10/12/95, Updated 1/14/97 WebMistress