Multi Ch. Colonel Trusard́ De La Parure

The Most Titled dog in the story od the Breed


                                                          4 years old picture

Born 07/10/89 , World Junior Ch. '90; World Ch. Bruno '91 (CS), Valencia '92 (E), Buenos Aires '93 (AR); Ch. Germany, Holland, Danmark, Belgique, Luxembourg; Ch. Monaco (Principate Monaco); Swizerland year Ch. Lucerna; Minneapolis Best in show (115 B.F.) and Toronto Best in show; Pensilvania Year Ch. '93; Bob at Bouldogue Festival '93 in Holland on 223 Dogs; International and Italian Champion; Best of Group at Dortmun, Rotterdam and San Marino; Top Dog '93

19 Champions Childrens in Europe, Usa and Canada; Grandchildrens all arround the world